National Institutes of Health NIOSH Centers of Excellence for Total Worker Health

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Deadline for Notice of Intent (NOI):09/07/17
Agency Deadline:11/30/17
Limit on Number of Proposals:One- KU-L and KUMC: Considered independent organizations.
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The purpose of this Funding Opportunity Announcement is to support Centers of Excellence for Total Worker Health® to advance the overall safety, health, and well-being of the diverse population of workers in our nation. Centers of Excellence for Total Worker Health® are expected to conduct research, planning and evaluation, and outreach and education that integrate occupational safety and health (OSH) protection with interventions that protect, preserve, and advance the overall well-being of workers, communicate knowledge and best practices, and develop effective partnerships with workers, organizations and employers, NIOSH scientists, communities, and other entities.

A Center is expected to develop multidisciplinary teams comprising professionals in OSH from a variety of specialty areas such as workplace health and disease prevention, including medicine, nursing, industrial hygiene, safety, ergonomics, psychology and social sciences, policy, labor education, health education, and business and economics. Centers also are expected to conduct research on policies, programs and practices that integrate protection from work-related safety and health hazards with promotion of injury and illness prevention efforts to advance worker well-being and to communicate knowledge and effective best practices in partnership with NIOSH scientists, partners, employers, and the community. This integrated approach is expected to result in safer and healthier work environments and an increased impact on workers’ health and well-being.

The maximum total cost for each application is $1.3 million for the first 12-month project period.  The project period is expected to be a total of 5 years.

Limited Submission Proposals Procedure:
Notice of Intent Procedure:

If you are interested in submitting to this opportunity, please Click Here * to submit a Notice of Intent form. You will be asked to provide your name and the names of any KU Co-PIs or senior personnel on the project team.

Please contact if you have questions or experience any difficulty submitting the NOI form.

Please submit your NOI form or send an email NOI to, by 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, September 07, 2017.

If the number of interested parties exceeds the mandated limit, the respondents will be asked to submit a brief pre-proposal for review by an internal selection committee.

If you have any questions about the solicitation or the process described above, please contact Nancy Biles at or 864-7434.

Contact:Nancy Biles: 785-864-7434