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Accounting Services 
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Accounting Services has responsibility for supervision of accounting transaction operations, including accounts payable, accounts receivable/cash receipts, banking relationships, internal controls and other activities. It manages cash and assets for KUCR, issues standard vendor payments, processes wire transfer payment requests, and handles special payment transactions. Accounting Services also obtains formal price quotations, reviews and signs contractual business agreements and leases, issues purchase orders, and maintains vendor records. Staff identify and tag assets, assist with disposal of assets, and assist with shipping and customs requirements for offsite research activities. They also provide reimbursements and advance loans for research related travel.
785-864-7427 kuresaccounting@lists.ku.edu
AP Auditors 785-864-3441 rgsaccounting@lists.ku.edu
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Budgets and Reporting creates and manages state budgets for KU Research and the corporate budget for KUCR. It also completes the KUCR monthly financial statements and the quarterly GAAP financial statements for the corporation, and oversees compensation and appointments.
785-864-6801 ejbennett@ku.edu or
Business Services
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Business Services activities include business contracts, insurance, international transactions, business education/compliance and policy development.
785-864-7732 kucrbussvc@lists.ku.edu
Compliance (Conflict of Interest) 785-864-3319 coi@ku.edu
Contract Negotiations 785-864-7431 lmarino@ku.edu
Credit Cards/ClinCards 785-864-7775 kures_card@ku.edu
Facilities Management 785-766-0792 skerich@ku.edu
Financial Services
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Financial Services supports the Office of Research, the KU Center for Research, and all research units in a variety of important ways. It provides assistance with budget preparation, expenditure tracking, personnel, and many other finance-related matters. Principal areas of interest for most PIs include KUCR Audited Financial Statements and the 501(c)(3) Status Verification document.
785-864-7732 gcregg@ku.edu
Fixed Assets
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Fixed Assets involves the managing of property, equipment and other assets. This includes protecting, preserving, accounting for, and controlling KUCR-owned property, government-owned property, property loaned to KUCR by funding agencies or other organizations, University of Kansas property, and other property for which KUCR is accountable.
785-864-7427 kuresaccounting@lists.ku.edu
Help Desk, KU Research IT 785-864-5055 tsc_youngberg@ku.edu
Hotel and Events Contracts 785-864-7732 kucrevent_hotel@ku.edu
Industrial Partnerships 785-864-3303 tricia.bergman@ku.edu
Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee 785-864-5587 iacuc@ku.edu
IRB 785-864-7385 irb@ku.edu
LSRL-Scott Jeffress 785-423-1259 sjeffress@ku.edu
Multidisciplinary Research Building (MRB) 785-864-2382 annsmith@ku.edu
Nichols Hall 785-864-4775 jsmall@ku.edu
Post-Award Services 785-864-6841 aabel@ku.edu
Pre-Award Services 785-864-3441 kucrpremgmt@lists.ku.edu
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Each department and research center at KU has an authorized agent who works with KUCR Financial Services to purchase goods and services from approved vendors. Contact your authorized agent to begin the purchasing process or contact us for assistance.
785-864-7732 kucrpurchasing@lists.ku.edu
Research Administration 785-864-7231 amreed@ku.edu
Research, Office of 785-864-3441 ovcr@ku.edu
Research Information Systems 785-864-5726 kucrdata@ku.edu
Research Integrity 785-864-4148 sumac@ku.edu
Structural Biology Center (SBC) 785-864-7345 cramirez@ku.edu
Subcontract and Business Service Agreement Invoices 785-864-7732 kucrsubinv@ku.edu
Tax Exempt 785-864-3441 taxexempt@ku.edu
Technology Commercialization, KU Center for 785-864-6401


Vice Chancellor, Office of the 785-864-7298 jpopiel@ku.edu



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